1. WD has a new board of directors.
Click here for the official report.

2. Rampage 2016 photos Click here

3. Winter hours are in effect starting with the November shoot. 9:45 Safety meeting. 10:00am shooting starts.

4. Next board meeting is at Grannie Annies after the shoot.

5. A WD membership application is found under the contact
drop down menu on the home web page. Or here
To Join Wahsatch Desperadoes, print out the application
and mail it and a check to the address printed at the top.
Or bring it with you to the next match.
Memberships are due in January.

6. We are trying to update our club records.
Please email Justice Good here
with recent changes to emails, phone numbers, address, etc.
We also need you to pay annual club dues, $10 individual, $15 for family at the next match.
We have records of who needs to pay.

7. We invite any club members to write stages for our shoots.
If you've seen a stage you would like to shoot at our meet
or just have a good idea for one
write it up and submit it to a board member and
if approved we'll use it at our shoot.

8. I have posted the side matches
on the match schedule on the opening web page.
Bring your appropriate guns to the match. And have some fun !!!