Deseret Historical Shootist Society



We are a sister club to the Wahsatch Desperadoes. If you belong to one club you belong to both.We shoot on the 2nd Saturday. (March thru November) Safety meeting at 08:45.
November shoot is turkey shoot, come and win it if you can.


 We believe in the spirit of the old west and welcome all Cowboys, Sodbusters, Pilgrims, Wranglers, Ropers, 
Rustlers, Store Keepers, School Marms, Buffalo Hunters, Camp Cooks, Mule Skinners, 
Lawmen, Undertakers, Bounty Hunters, Grave Diggers, Lawyers (lynch mob standing by), Bank Tellers, Blacksmiths, 
Stage Coach Drivers, Express Agents, Road Agents, Telegraph Agents, Cattlemen, Pig Farmers, 
Sheep Farmers (maybe), Dance Hall Floosies, Bartenders, Gunsmiths, Wagon Masters, 
Range Riders, Indian Scouts, Soldiers, Runaways, Throwaways, Castaways, Outlaws, In-laws, 
Actors, Snake Oil Salesmen, Renegades, Gun Slingers, Trail Herders, Goat Herders, Pistoleros, and 
Pioneers who want to join in friendly firearms competition. 

Zoot Shooting

Zoot shooting is in the style of the 1920's and 1930's Gangsters. 
We shoot with guns that were available before 1945. 
We follow our own set of rules to enable us to shoot with Wild Bunch and 
Cowboy shooters. Current rules

2017 DHSS Shooting Schedule is the second Saturday
April through November. No shoots December through March:

  • March 11

  • April 8th

  • May 13th

  • June 10th

  • July 8th

  • August 12th

  • September 9th

  • October 14th

  • November 11th

Marshall of DHSS - Chicago Red - 801-519-8493 email Chicago
Match Director - Chester - 801-940-3251 email Chester