It was pretty otherworldly at the range today. Heavy fog made it hard to see past the end of the bay. Double bad for black powder guys. It was, otherwise, a great day--no precipitation, not too cold, no wind--very pleasant. This is yet another weekend of shooting here under very comfortable conditions--knock on wood. Targets painted black so you could easily see them. Had more pictures but FB wasn't cooperating. Thanks to Slick PaPa and Chicago Red for stages. For a year we have been trying to create stages that utilize only one bay, just changing the number and location of targets from stage to stage. Easier set-up and take-down, less dragging carts, props closer to hand and still fun variety.  Anita Gunn shot clean--congrats.  We're still $12 for non-members and $7 for members. Next shoot will be 4th Sat of Feb. Come join us.
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