Rampage 2019

Sept 28th

Well, Rampage is in the books for another year. We didn't have the wherewithal to do a big show this year so we just opened it up to anyone who wanted to come for a free shoot. Price of admission was a side dish and the club bought the meat. We were very concerned about the weather with reports showing a huge storm front hitting us Saturday and heavy rains forecast.  I'm sure many weak hearted shooters who might have joined us were frightened off by the gloomy portent. We had 10 daring souls show for the shoot which turned out to be one of the best of the year including the weather. We shot four stages using the Texas Star, plate racks, tandum progressive rack and all the poppers and slingers we could put out. Great variation and fun. We shot the snakes and buffalo for two side matches. It didn't rain one drop and the temperatures were cool but pleasant all morning long. We had just shut the shed door, having put away the last of the targets, when the lightening flashed, the thunder boomed and the rain started to fall. We retired to the covered bay where Sunny Day had BBQ sandwiches waiting with all the proffered side dishes. We enjoyed a great meal, great camaraderie and fellowship. Looking forward to next year--even on a toned down basis.

Thanks, Sly