WD Shoot in April 2017

April 17, 2017


No bad guy rampage (haha see what i did there?), can be complete with out the story of Tom Horn. This month we are allowing BIG BORE rifles during the shoot, and will have pocket pistol, derringer and BIG BORE rifle side match. 


Tom Horn was a bad dude, while early in life he held various jobs After moving westward in the mid-1870s, Horn was at various times a cowboy, miner, army scout, deputy sheriff, and packer for the Rough Riders in Cuba, but his most notorious career was as a hired gun. Horn first worked for the famous Pinkerton Detective Agency which hired him to track down and apprehend—violently if necessary—western outlaws who were preying on Pinkerton clients, like banks and railroads that could afford to pay for private law enforcement where the public system failed them. But after four years as a Pinkerton, Horn had become bored; and in 1894 he signed on as a hired killer with the privately run Wyoming Cattlemen’s Association. For several years the big Wyoming cattlemen had been fighting a vigilante war in Johnson County against a diverse group of small farmers, sheep ranchers, and rustlers who were resisting their domination. By 1894, negative publicity had made a public war too costly. Instead, the ranchers shifted to more stealthy means, hiring Horn to use his gun-handling skills to deadly effect by ambushing and murdering any man the ranchers marked as a troublemaker. Since he often shot from as much as 200 yards away, most of Horn’s victims never even knew what hit them.


For Stages Click HERE




After the shoot WD will be providing lunch, hamburger, hot dogs and chips. We will be haningin around the range doing our annual clean up and painting some of the stage props. If you want to stay and help out a bit after the shoot. Bring some gloves Cordless drill, saw etc Any spare paint you have laying around, (for painting the wagon) the main project. Spare screws or nails you have laying around are always useful Hammer paint brushes or rollers We want to repaint and rebuild the prop fences as well.


Reminder: Its time to renew your Wahsatch Desperadoes Annual Membership, $10.00 for individual or $15.00 for family.


Howlin Wolf



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