WD Shoot July 22nd

July 18, 2017

The Wahsatch Desperadoes are forming a posse to catch the notorious villain Frank from One Upon a Time In the West. 


So there are bad guys and then there are BAD guys and one of the most evil villains in a cowboy movie is Frank played by Henry Fonda in Once Upon A Time in the West.  In keeping with our theme this buy dude is the focus of our shoot this Saturday. Come on out and get your revenge on the psychopath Frank. If he gets away im sure we will have our change to capture him at “RAMPAGE 2017” and help out the 10 Famous Marshalls of the Old West.

 In the beginning of "Once Upon A Time In The West" or "C'era una volta il West", a family is gunned down from shooters too far off in the distance to see. Three of them are killed but one of them, a little boy, scampers off into the house hiding from the barrage of bullets. The next shot is one where the boy runs out to see his father, brother and sister all killed. Suddenly, shadows emerge and he looks up to see three men.

"What are we going to do with this one, Frank?"

"Now that you've called me by name?"

Just as he says this, Frank guns down the little boy in cold blood with sadistic thoughts.

This is the story of Frank. An old West gunslinger who takes no prisoners to get what he wants. But there is something more to this cowboy. He wants to take on the business world as well. He makes deals with Mr. Morton, a big real estate tycoon who Frank takes advantage of daily. Frank looks as though he can hold his own with a gun and with his checkbook.

However, one day, a man from his past named Harmonica comes into his life wanting vengeance. Frank doesn't know who he is until the last few frames of the film. Thinking back to his youth he remembers a man he killed. He put the man's head in a noose and put him on his brother's shoulders. The little boy couldn't hold the much older brother any longer and fell. His brother fell and was dead. Just before Frank leaves he gives the boy a harmonica. Little did Frank know that the fate he gave Harmonica's brother would end up being his own.

In the final shootout of the film, Harmonica ??? Want to find out how it ends? Go give it a look on Netfilx or Amazon before the shoot on Saturday


Range set up is 5:30 on Friday July 21st.


Stages can be found HERE


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