WD March 24th

March 23, 2018


      You all new this was commin, no train robbery theme would be complete without using the classic move The Train Robbers.


 The Train Robbers is another movie by the great John Wayne. This movie centers around  Mrs Low, After the death of her husband, Mrs. Lowe (Ann-Margret) wants to tell the railroad where to find the half million U.S. dollars in gold her late husband, Matt, stole during a train robbery, and clear the family name for her son. Instead Lane (John Wayne) convinces her to retrieve the gold so she can collect the $50,000 reward offered by the railroad for its return. Lane lines up some old friends to assist him in retrieving the gold for a share of the reward. But the other original train robbers have gathered a gang and will try to get the gold at any cost. As they all journey into Mexico in search of the hidden gold they are followed closely by a Pinkerton agent (Ricardo Montalban).


         After a series of adventures & battles they return to Texas with the gold where there is one final battle. The next day Lane and his men put Mrs. Lowe on a train to return the gold and tell her she can keep the reward for herself and her son. As they are walking past the end of the train they meet the Pinkerton Agent who tells them, as the train is pulling out, that Matt Lowe was never married and that Mrs. Lowe is really a prostitute named Lilly who fooled them into helping her get the gold for herself. Lane then leads his gang to rob the train as the film ends.



Here are the stages for Saturday. We are also planning on shooting derringer and pocket pistol side matches (weather permitting)




Friendly reminder to get yourself registered for RAMPAGE 2018. The train is getting full as well as the shoot. Make sure you get your registration sent in early. To make live easer you can now REGISTER ONLINE Click HERE for more info


One last announcement. The Wahsatch Desperadoes are doing a cowboy clinic in Morgan Utah on May 5th.  We need cowboys to come out bring some guns and ammo and spend the day with us telling the good folks of Morgan County all about Cowboy Action. We have talked to the city and they are very excited for this event.


So is you can make it Please RSVP at howlinwolf2017@outlook.com or call me at 719-510-7307.

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