WD May 26th

May 25, 2018


OK cowboys and cowgirls this months theme is based on the movie ONE MORE TRAIN TO ROB.   Who doesn't love George Peppard as a cowboy!!! That's right before he was the leader of the A-Team he was a cowboy.


The movie is set in the Old West, its the story is about train-robber, who is sent to prison for assaulting a sheriff and his deputy while trying to escape a forced marriage, set up by his former partner. I don't know about you but that sounds like a legit reason for assaulting anyone..


Well he serves his time, but gets out of prison early, for good behavior. Once he is released from prison, he travels to the town of Calador, intending to settle the score with his partner for railroading him and stealing his woman. If this doesn't scream cowboy then i don't know the meaning!!


If you just cant wait to watch this gem of a western comedy and want to get ready for the shoot. You can watch the movie free on YouTube at this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fM435z7X9Bg


This is going to be a great shoot and we have lots of new shooters that will be attending so its a great time to meet and great and show them the Cowboy Way. 


Here are the stages for Saturday. We are also planning on shooting a Speed pistol side-match, the twist (you have to shoot all three styles, duelist, traditional and gunfighter). 

STAGES (remember for this link to work you must be on the website)



Friendly reminder to get yourself registered for RAMPAGE 2018. The train is getting full as well as the shoot. Make sure you get your registration sent in early. To make live easier you can now REGISTER ONLINE Click HERE for more info.



Everyone please remember the fallen this weekend, and there families. It is a weekend of reflection and remembrance of the heroes of this country that gave the ultimate sacrifice. 


One last announcement. The Wahsatch Desperadoes has traded days with DHSS in June. WD will be shooting June 9th and i here tell that is THE BEST DAY OF THE  YEAR ( yes its my birthday), but that's just a coincidence. However, we are having the search and rescue team as well as  law  team that helped search for our dear friend Jonny Lake last summer. We will be presenting them with the money raised from donations. They will also be gearing up to shoot the day with us. We will only be shooting 4 stages that day but EVERYONE is welcome to come out and join the fun. Sly Steady Hand has been trying to make this happen for a long time, however it was either a broken Match Director or bad weather getting in the way. Thanks to DHSS and Winchester for switching days with us so i can attend this event. 



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