The Wahsatch Desperadoes

host a myriad of events

throughout the year. We

have Summer Slam in

June, which is a free

shoot as well as a

introduction to Cowboy

Action Shooting for any

new comers.

Rampage is our annual

shoot held the weekend of

the 4th Saturday in

September. This is our annual that consist of live music, two days of fun fast shooting, and pot lucks with story telling. Rampage is the culmination of the shoots throughout the year, an definitely an event you NEED to attend. 

We also have a turkey shoot in November where your marksmanship skills are put to the test, and the winner takes home a turkey dinner. 

These are just some of the events hosted by Wahsatch Desperadoes, each shoot is a special event in our minds and look forward to seeing you on the range. 

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Special Events